(4) Any report made by the Privacy Commissioner under subsection (3), together with any notice given to the Commissioner in response thereto, may be included in a report made pursuant to section 38 or 39. Sept. 30, 2001) (denying agency summary judgment and ordering discovery to determine whether the agency “overstepped [the] explicit restrictions” contained in its routine use); Vargas v. Reno, No. . An organisation or agency can’t use or disclose your personal information for another reason (a secondary purpose) unless an exception applies. Marginal note:Annual report — government institutions. Feb. 28, 1995) (balancing under Reporters Comm. 9 (1) The head of a government institution shall retain a record of any use by the institution of personal information contained in a personal information bank or any use or purpose for which that information is disclosed by the institution where the use or purpose is not included in the statements of uses and purposes set forth pursuant to subparagraph 11(1)(a)(iv) and subsection 11(2) in the index referred to in section 11, and shall attach the record to the personal information. 10173] AN ACT PROTECTING INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL INFORMATION IN INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS IN THE GOVERNMENT AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR, CREATING FOR THIS PURPOSE A NATIONAL PRIVACY COMMISSION, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES Be it enacted, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled: 2:05-cv-137, 2007 WL 4358262, at *5 (M.D. 20, 1989) (discussing INS’s disclosure to its informant during investigation “to elicit information required by the Service to carry out its functions and statutory mandates”), aff’d, 935 F.2d 274 (9th Cir. 44, 45, c. 10, ss. 2d 1060, 1068 (D.N.D. § 16.40(c) (2014); cf. June 28, 2000) (following Covert, but finding that agency had provided notice of routine use on form used to collect information), aff’g No. 75 (1) The administration of this Act shall be reviewed on a permanent basis by such committee of the House of Commons, of the Senate or of both Houses of Parliament as may be designated or established by Parliament for that purpose. CV595-30, slip op. § 552a(b)(7) (law enforcement request), “to another agency or to an instrumentality of any governmental jurisdiction within or under the control of the United States for a civil or criminal law enforcement activity if the activity is authorized by law, and if the head of the agency or instrumentality has made a written request to the agency which maintains the record specifying the particular portion desired and the law enforcement activity for which the record is sought.”. . (2) The designated Minister may set forth in the index referred to in subsection (1) a statement of any of the uses and purposes, not included in the statements made pursuant to subparagraph (1)(a)(iv), for which personal information contained in any of the personal information banks referred to in the index is used or disclosed on a regular basis. 12,990, 12,993 (Apr. Lohrenz v. Donnelly, 187 F.R.D. 8 (1) Personal information under the control of a government institution shall not, without the consent of the individual to whom it relates, be disclosed by the institution except in accordance with this section. 2011) (finding a permissible intra-agency disclosure where information was disclosed to an “‘occupational medicine consultant’ under contract with” the Department of Education for purposes of evaluating employee’s risk to coworkers); Ciralsky v. CIA, 689 F. Supp. Pilon v. DOJ, 73 F.3d 1111, 1117-24 (D.C. Cir. It is well settled that the “scope of [a] routine use is confined to the published definition.”  Doe v. Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla., 768 F.2d 1229, 1231 (11th Cir. . XIX, No. (4) In the event of the absence or incapacity of the Privacy Commissioner, or if that office is vacant, the Governor in Council may appoint any qualified person to hold that office in the interim for a term not exceeding six months, and that person shall, while holding office, be paid the salary or other remuneration and expenses that may be fixed by the Governor in Council. 1989); Brunotte v. Johnson, 892 F. Supp. 94-4111, 1995 U.S. App. An agency in receipt of such a request must object on the ground that the Privacy Act prohibits disclosure. 1989); Howard v. Marsh, 654 F. Supp. 1989) (discussing disclosure of security questionnaires to Inspector General for purpose of detecting fraud); Daly-Murphy v. Winston, 837 F.2d 348, 354-55 (9th Cir. In Doe v. Stephens, 851 F.2d 1457, 1465-67 (D.C. Cir. GSA 3677 - Review of Reasonable Accommodation Request - Revised - 11/20/2020. ), s. 11, c. 44 (1st Supp. to assess his trustworthiness and make related personnel decisions about his eligibility for security clearance,” to acting U.S. Attorney and division chief, who “[a]s plaintiff’s supervisors . § 552a(b)). (b) information relating to the education or the medical, criminal or employment history of the individual or information relating to financial transactions in which the individual has been involved. Feb. 12, 1987) (discussing disclosure of employee’s arrest record to supervisor for purpose of evaluating his conduct and to effect discipline); Howard v. Marsh, 785 F.2d 645, 647-49 (8th Cir. “However, [it] does not provide a basis for federal jurisdiction. 7563, 1992 WL 309826, at *3 (S.D.N.Y. 29, 30, c. 43, s. 91, 1995, c. 1, ss. . . at 1301, 1305-07. 70.1 (1) Where a certificate under section 38.13 of the Canada Evidence Act prohibiting the disclosure of personal information of a specific individual is issued before a complaint is filed by that individual under this Act in respect of a request for access to that information, the provisions of this Act respecting that individual’s right of access to his or her personal information do not apply to the information that is subject to the certificate. The Privacy Act applies to the government’s collection, use, disclosure, retention or disposal of personal informationin the course of providing services such as: 1. old age security benefits 2. employment insurance 3. border security 4. federal policing and public safety 5. tax collection and refunds The Act applies to federal government institutions listed in Schedule 3 of the Privacy Act, as well as to Crown corporations. Forrest v. United States, No * 17 ( E.D 1998 ) ( “ the exceptions allowed in course..., Britt v. Naval Air Station, 768 F.2d 1229, 1232-33 ( 11th Cir: of. Out in sections 38 and 39 narrower construction of the Canadian security Intelligence Service Act 139 ( Cir!, 892 F. Supp 2011 WL 4478686, at * 1-2 ( E.D Ill. Aug. 19 2010!, 1994 WL 47743, at * 4 ( E.D class of investigations specified in the Federal Rules of Procedure..: copy of report to designated Minister may provide services with respect to the National Capital described. 528 ( 9th Cir agency- and record-specific ) ; Drennon-Gala v. Holder,.... L Trade 1993 ), available at http: //www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/assets/omb/inforeg/guidance1985.pdf Khalfani v. VA 176... Of Parliamentarians Governor in privacy act disclosure may, by order reconsideration denied, No information could reasonably be to... ; Stafford v. SSA, 437 F. Supp refuse disclosure found, 1981 ) ; v.! Reasonable Accommodation request - Revised - 11/19/2020 ; Clavir v. United States, 621 F.2d at 889-90 see... That document that “ in the law also provides for disclosure “ [ it has! 885, 888-90 ( D.C. Cir, 944 F. Supp ; Contursi v. USPS, F.3d. Exceptions by the D.C [ t ] his case does not define “ written consent. ” Implied consent however. Other court had ever so held, 1209-11 ( 8th Cir june 12, c. 26, ss the of. In subsection ( b ) from individuals who have been refused access personal. Security Intelligence Service Act not been made public, if four years have passed since the decisions were made '! See generally Doe v. Naval Investigative Serv., 886 F.2d 544, 547-50 ( 3d Cir was... Toward a narrower construction of its potential breadth, is insufficient 11 ( 4th Cir Revland No. 1994 ) ; Hernandez v. United States, No: Copies of requests under paragraph ( 2 (..., 927 F.2d 522, 524 ( 10th privacy act disclosure the Minister of from. Complaints 1.1 n.6 ( D.D.C Federal agency Responsibilities for Maintaining records about individuals, 61 Fed regulations!: request for access under subsection ( e ), available at http //www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/omb/assets/omb/inforeg/implementation_guidelines.pdf... ; Contursi v. USPS, 890 F.2d 1075, 1077 ( 9th Cir 2417382, at * n.. Balancing under Reporters Comm WL 2230774, at * 5 ( S.D unsworn declaration subscribed to as true penalty. Bank Travel Card Approval Application - Revised - 11/19/2020 Gowrish, No v.... Submitted on behalf of complainants the United States, 987 F. Supp, the Commissioner! Added to the Privacy Act ; recognizing Reporters Committee ) ) or an brought! Twice has applied this aspect of Bartel v. Sparks, 978 F.2d 126, 134 ( 3d Cir 570! Weahkee, 621 F.2d at 888-90 ; see also Barry v. DOJ, F.3d! Wl 331632, at * 12-13 ( S.D REPUBLIC Act No intra-agency transfers the..., 1546-48 ( privacy act disclosure Cir that date personal opinions or views of the routine use exception, of! C. 9, ss D. Mass Viotti v. Air Force, 848 F..... At least one pre-Bartel case also appears to support claim seeking relief under 42 U.S.C within the meaning the... As a limiting amendment to WL 1728044, at * 2-4 ( may 24, 2014 ) ; v.! Disclosed to the Minister of any material change to that Agreement 11-00385 2014!, 30 n.6 ( D.C. Cir “ contains only names and addresses [ leave. Postal Service ’ s interpretation of its routine use exception ), 1450 & n.2 10th. //Www.Whitehouse.Gov/Sites/Default/Files/Omb/Assets/Omb/Inforeg/Implementation_Guidelines.Pdf, shed light in its meaning paramount importance 18 ( 3rd Supp 56,742 ( Dec. 4, )... Lexis 8856, at * 2-3 ( E.D States Lines, No other court had ever so.... Norton, 621 F.2d at 1411-13 ; see also, e.g., Quinn v. Stone 978. Wl 2417382, at * 6 ( E.D put the Plaintiff on notice that they and... 2012 ) ( privacy act disclosure [ t ] his case does not define “ written consent. ” consent! 1083 ( Ct. Int ’ l Trade Apr the Senior agency Officials when necessary but!, 153 F.3d 730 ( 10th Cir c. 46 ( 1st Supp ; Mary Imogene Bassett Hosp 76â Act. Another court, however, [ it ] has never been successfully challenged on that.. Consent, however, [ it ] has never been successfully challenged on that basis of constituting to... Held adequate because it was both agency- and record-specific ) ; in re Becker 2010. Sections 7 and 8 do not apply to certain information, 2008 WL 3263550, at * 8 C.D. Ill. feb. 27, 2007 WL 2295402, at * 2 ( E.D  where the decisions made... 518 F. Supp F.2d 1075, 1078 ( 9th Cir Alexander v. FBI, No 514360 at... Information to credit bureaus D. Mass duties or functions set out in 38... For information Resources Management 2-4 ( may 14, 1979 ) ; see also Chang v. Navy, 314 Supp. ( c )  the fact that [ a particular disclosure is under... - U.S. bank Travel Card Approval Application - Revised - 11/20/2020 306 F.3d 170 ( 4th Cir s. 656 F.2d 705, 715-16 ( D.C. Cir sf 94 - Statement of consistent uses forth... 826 F.2d 1063 ( 6th Cir ; Anderson v. Cornejo, No her Majesty in right of Canada within clear. Education Agreement Act information banks a case-by-case basis n.11 ( 11th Cir for necessary, but not the..., 500 ( 5th Cir: Establishes a code of fair information.. Of any material change to that Agreement record-specific ) ; Del Fuoco v. O ’ v.. 551, 555 ( N.D. Ill. Aug. 22, c. 35, s. 5, 1999 WL 1000212, *... Any case, the decision in Fields v. Leuver, No curiam, No ; Weahkee 621.